Fitting a dishwasher in a small kitchen

How to Fit a Dishwasher into a Small Kitchen

Currently in the UK, 46% of households own a dishwasher. The same survey found that in 1994, only 18% of households had one. Over time, the dishwasher has become increasingly popular since becoming domestically available during the 1950’s. A dishwasher

DIY Bedroom Ideas

With a little creativity and a few art supplies, you can completely revolutionise your bedroom and turn it into a warm, comfortable space you won’t ever want to leave. From repurposing old shoeboxes to repainting your existing bedroom doors, you

How to use kitchen corner space

How to Use Corner Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen has an ever increasing role within family life. As meals are prepared and washing is completed, life revolves around this space. The kitchen is where family time is shared and also the entertaining of guests at parties or

How to repaint kitchen cupboards and doors

How to Repaint Kitchen Cupboard Doors

If you’re looking for an effective and relatively perilous way to spruce your kitchen up and rejuvenate it, then painting your replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts is a great way to do so. You’ll often find that a

How to refresh your kitchen

7 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

As with anything in life, when something is used again and again, it can look a little worn out and needs replacing – your kitchen isn’t any different. However, replacing an entire kitchen isn’t a quick, simple or cheap job