5 Things to Consider When Tiling Your Kitchen

Both an important practical addition to any kitchen, and a great creative outlet, tiles are a key part of any kitchen, and possess the ability to bring both life and personality to a home. Often overlooked in the home, kitchen tiles are one of those features that can easily be skipped over and forgotten about within interior design, with a lot of people failing to take advantage of complementing their kitchen doors with a great choice of tiles.

To help you get the most from your kitchen, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important considerations you need to make when tiling and designing your kitchen, ensuring that you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Plan Your Budget

We know how incredibly easy it can be to get caught up in a home design frenzy. What starts out as adding a fresh lick of paint to a room, can soon unfold into a homewide refurbishment project, complete with new bedroom doors, and an entire new collection of flat pack kitchen units. When you catch the design bug it can be easy to go a little crazy and overspend on your budget, meaning that some things can suffer and get neglected. By planning your budget and setting aside a pot of money, you can rest assured that you will have enough to install the perfect kitchen tiles for you.

Plan Where You Want to Tile

Before you begin choosing and selecting the tiles themselves, the first and most important step is simply to establish where exactly you would like to place or hang your kitchen tiles. From tiling the entire kitchen floor, to making a statement feature tiled wall, to simply placing a few tiles behind your sink to protect against splashback, there are many different ways you can utilise tiles within your kitchen. By establishing first how much or how little you want to tile of your kitchen, you can ensure that you will be creating a design plan that will fit in with your kitchen goals.

Choose a Material That Fits in With Your Lifestyle

Ceramic, stone, glass, granite – when it comes to kitchen tiles there’s a whole world of options available for you to choose from, and sometimes it can seem incredibly daunting to choose between them. However, when trying to decide which material you want to design your kitchen with, it’s important to take a step back and look at which type of tile will fit in with both your home and your lifestyle. If you’re a busy family that’s used to lots of messy spillages, it might be best to consider getting a glossy, easy to wipe tile for your walls to help keep your kitchen looking pristine. But if you’re looking to tile the floor of your chic city apartment, you may wish to create a bold urban look with some raised dark stone floor tiles. Whatever material you choose, make sure that it suits and partners well with your lifestyle and you’ll be sure to see the best results.

Pick a Design That Accentuates Your Kitchen

When it comes to tiling your kitchen, another all important consideration to be made is the design of the tiles themselves. Not simply a practical construction material, kitchen tiles can enhance and indeed create an entire mood and aesthetic within your home. From elaborate ornate patterns, to clean classic white, to bold striking colours, there’s a seemingly neverending array of designs and patterns for you to choose from. That’s why it’s important to take some time to consider your home and your interior design scheme before selecting your tiles. Ensure that you are selecting tiles that enhance and accentuate your kitchen’s style and that compliment the small individualistic features of your kitchen; from the kitchen cabinets to the kitchen door handles. By taking the time to think and consider your options, you can ensure that you will be choosing the tiles which complement your kitchen; injecting personality and flair to your home.

Decide the Type of Grouting You Want for Your Kitchen

When it comes to tiling, the most important part of the process is perhaps the part that is given the least thought and consideration. Tile grout is the material that binds and keeps tiles together and, as such, it’s crucial to find a material and style that fits in with your kitchen and lifestyle. The tile grout needs to be both resilient and compatible with the tile materials, as well as looking sleek and blending seamlessly into the tiling style and design. By spending time choosing and considering the right tile grout for your kitchen, you can rest assured that your kitchen tiling will be strong and will enhance the design and overall look of your kitchen.

If you’ve been inspired to re-decorate your kitchen, why not contact one of our friendly team to see what we can do to make your dream home a reality.