DIY Bedroom Ideas

With a little creativity and a few art supplies, you can completely revolutionise your bedroom and turn it into a warm, comfortable space you won’t ever want to leave. From repurposing old shoeboxes to repainting your existing bedroom doors, you can decorate your bedroom on a budget and make it look brand new using our best DIY bedroom ideas for home decor projects.


Hang fairy lights across the wall

Bedroom fairy lights DIY tips

Image source: Pinterest

Hanging fairy lights across your bedroom wall is a great way to create a soft, cosy atmosphere in your room. Fairy lights will make your bedroom more beautiful, while adding a touch of light to your improved room. Using clear, plastic wall hooks that can be stuck onto the wall without damaging the wallpaper or paint, hang your fairy lights above your bed or around any parts of your bedroom that you’d like to accentuate. Avoid hanging them around your wardrobe or chest of drawers, as the cable will get in the way and become super irritating.


Paint your wardrobe doors

DIY painted wardrobe doors

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fun and creative way to give your bedroom a new lease of life, then repainting your replacement bedroom wardrobe doors is a simple DIY project. This DIY hack is perfect for a child’s bedroom, as you could repaint the wardrobe doors in a selection of bright colours, adding excitement into the bedroom. If you’re repainting wardrobe doors in your room, you should consider opting for a fresh, matte pastel colour that will open up the room and give the illusion of more space.


Hang polaroids on a string

DIY photos on string

Photos capture snippets of memories and amazing times, so why not print them off and hang them on some string? Once you’ve attached the photos with a peg or clip, you should hang them on the empty space on your bedroom wall, or a feature wall in your room. This doesn’t necessarily have to be polaroid style photos – they could be 6X4 prints or 7X5 prints. Photos provide an ideal way to redecorate your bedroom and create a more personal space. This DIY bedroom idea especially complements shaker style wardrobe doors.


Painted brick bookends

DIY painted bookends for bedroom

Image source: Her Campus

For booklovers who’ve got some space on their bookshelves, add a splash of colour to your bedroom with this easy bedroom DIY idea. Paint some old bricks in a block colour and use them as bookends to create a rustic feel. For a more modern bedroom decor idea, you could decorate your matching bookends with doilies, glitter or rhinestones, or even paint them in a bright colour for a simple but effective bedroom improvement.


Shoebox charging port

Add some colour, life and organisation into your bedroom by making some DIY charging stations. This is a great way to arrange your phone chargers and takes as little as 30 minutes to make. From chaos to organisation in under half an hour, it makes a great bedroom storage solution.


Dress up a cork board

DIY painted corkboard for bedroom

Cork boards are a great way to store important information and reminders, but the dull brown cork colour isn’t that attractive. That’s why decorating the cork board with colourful paper and pins is the perfect DIY project to give your bedroom a makeover and create a cute atmosphere in your new dream space.

If you’d like some advice in regards to your bedroom, contact one of our friendly team; we’re always ready to help you create your dream home in any way we can.