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Putting handles on a wardrobe

How to Put Handles on a Wardrobe

The bedroom handles you select for your wardrobe and other cupboards can really maximise the finish of your room. Whether a traditional cage drop handle or a contemporary chrome curve handle will best suit your bedroom doors, it’s important to find a

Fitting soft close hinges

How to Fit a Soft Close Hinge

There are fewer more jarring household sounds than slamming kitchen cabinet doors. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this common issue many have in their home – soft close hinges. These hinges slow down kitchen cupboard doors when they

How to clean kitchen door handles

How to Clean Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Your kitchen goes through a lot! Food splatters and grubby fingerprints can make your kitchen cupboard doors look scruffy. Giving them a good clean will ensure everything stays fresh, keeping your kitchen looking newer for longer. If you feel like

Small bedroom storage solutions

Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

From clothes, to dressers, to mirrors, to bookshelves, bedrooms are filled with trinkets, furnishings and ornaments that help to transform it from a room into your own private escape. It’s the little things that make a bedroom, but it’s also

Kitchen storage ideas

8 Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas

If your kitchen is on the small side, it can be hard to think about where to put everything. Without plenty of cupboard and worktop space, cooking, storing and doing just about anything in the kitchen can be a struggle.

The Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

When it comes to decorating and designing your home, it can often be difficult to strike that balance between creating an individual and stylish statement while also maintaining practicality. When it comes to kitchens, this can be especially difficult, particularly

How to refresh your kitchen

7 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

As with anything in life, when something is used again and again, it can look a little worn out and needs replacing – your kitchen isn’t any different. However, replacing an entire kitchen isn’t a quick, simple or cheap job