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How to: Planning a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a brilliant way to break up your space and allow for an extra surface for preparation, washing or cooking. Some choose to have their island stand on their own as a statement piece, whereas others

Modern Kitchen and Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking for something understated or contemporary, then a kitchen or bedroom that takes advantage of modern style principles and trends could be right up your street. Open, light, minimalist and clean are key to a modern feel. Below

The Benefits of Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

A handleless kitchen is a more modern and stylish option for your kitchen than cupboard door and drawer handles. It looks clean, uncluttered and streamlined. If you’ve got an open plan house, with your living room or dining room flowing into the

How to maximise bedroom space

If you’ve got an eye for style and a wardrobe to match, you may struggle to work with an ordinary bedroom. In situations like these, it’s best to get creative and make use of more interesting and unique storage solutions.

How to Fit Kitchen Door Handles

Fitting new kitchen door handles to cabinets in your kitchen is a fantastic way to change the look and feel of the space. Should you be looking to revamp your kitchen cabinets, then changing the handles should be at the top of your to-do list.

How to Paint Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Changing the colour of your kitchen cupboard doors can instantly transform your space. If you feel like this is a job you can complete yourself at home, then you would be right – there is no need to hire a professional. However,

Common Mistakes with New Kitchens

For those who are new to planning a kitchen, there are many aspects that are easy to overlook. Whether you’re looking for replacement doors or arranging a full kitchen remodel, the process is not as simple as it may seem.

Choosing Colours For Your Space

There are a variety of factors that go into picking the right colour for your room, such as the size, existing furniture or the lighting situation. Below we will go over a few different recommendations based on what you may