How to use kitchen corner space

How to Use Corner Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen has an ever increasing role within family life. As meals are prepared and washing is completed, life revolves around this space. The kitchen is where family time is shared and also the entertaining of guests at parties or evening meals. With an ever expanding use for kitchens within everyday life, maximising the space with made to measure kitchen units is something homeowners take into consideration.

Knowing how to use a corner kitchen space can be difficult as it is easy to clutter it up with the wrong shaped kitchen units or just the general jumble of the home. For this reason, more and more homeowners look to made to measure kitchens, however this requires a large budget and if you’re looking to save money there are plenty of other solutions. We have compiled our handy tips on how to maximise the corner space in your kitchen and get the most out of this precious space.


Corner Sink

Where space within a kitchen is limited, placing a kitchen sink in the corner of the room can create some much needed space. If you have a large space, one sink can be placed upon the island with the other being the corner sink. The aesthetic value of a corner sink really adds to the decor, giving you something more unique within your kitchen, should your plumbing allow for this fixture.


Cooking Ranges

A kitchen sink is not to everybody’s taste. This is why some people consider placing a cooking range within their corner space. Most kitchen styles place a cooking range in the centre but there has been an increase in popularity for shifting these to the corner. Doing so is an incredible space saver. You can also add sparkle to it by surrounding the cooking space with kitchen wall units, kitchen cabinets and worktops.


Floating Shelving Units

A handy space saving tip for an office, floating shelving units can also be a great way for using the kitchen corner space. A popular favourite amongst homeowners, the floating kitchen storage structures create an airy feel while giving the space a neat and clutter free aesthetic. They are also DIY friendly which means you won’t have to fork out for a handyman to put them up. For those looking to use them for display purposes, this can also be achieved – giving you the chance to show off your best chinaware!


A Corner Pantry of Class

You have a long corner but are unsure how to use the space to your advantage. Why not create a corner pantry to keep all your kitchen provisions or ingredients in? Not only does it create something quite exclusive and individual, it can also be a helpful addition to keeping your kitchen clutter free. The corner pantry can be the new kitchen storage space for your functional kitchen.


Create a Cosy Little Dining Area

If you want to get a little creative with your corner space, you could turn it into a cosy little dining area. A small table and a few comfortable chairs can create that kitchen eat-in experience. Choose from bar stools or foldable chairs to maximise your space even further – this is also a great solution for those unable to have a separate dining room area. It is a clever solution all round.


Corner Cabinet Storage

Homeowners are always looking at cabinet ideas for that extra storage space. The perfect solution to this: corner cabinet storage. Whether you’re looking at adding carousels, magic corners or pull-out storage units, there are numerous of great corner drawers ideas for utilising the corner space for storage in an imaginative way.


Bring the Office to the Kitchen

With everyday life happening within the kitchen, placing an office space in the corner can make the most of dead spaces. This setup can be the perfect place to look up recipes, pay bills and even keep an eye on the children as they complete their homework. This can be achieved by finding the right base unit to fit a desk chair with the worktop housing the computer.


Create a Seating Bench

Creating new and inventive seating areas can be a challenge and we all need a sit down sometimes! Maybe you’re bored of sitting in the lounge or are wanting a brand new place to unwind with a book, then creating a corner kitchen seating area can be the solution for you.  If you’re looking to replace your old kitchen doors or any other door in your house, why not test your DIY skills and create a bench out of your old doors? Not only will you be creating something completely unique – you’ll be finding a new way to reuse and repurpose your old kitchen doors. Add some cushions and this snug seating can be your new place to be within the house.


Design Your Fitted Kitchen Based on Your Space

If you are designing your kitchen from scratch, you will know the space you have to play with. Creating a complete fitted kitchen will reduce the chances of any design headaches. With a vast array of designs to choose from, you can create your bespoke kitchen cabinets and units that are made to measure to fit your specification. Keeping in contact with your kitchen designer can also help make sure that your spaces are as precisely designed as possible.

If you’re looking to amplify the corner spaces of your kitchen or are looking at new kitchen styles, contact us to find out how we can help make your kitchen corner space solutions happen.