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New September Sale!: 10% OFF ALL DOORS, RIGID UNITS & HINGES! - Ends Wed 30th Sep
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Free Swatches

Are you unsure of your choice of colour and whether it will suit your bedroom or kitchen? If so, order up to 3 free colour swatches for door finishes you feel could match your tastes.

It can be difficult to envisage what your new kitchen or bedroom will look like, so colour swatches are useful in helping you make up your mind. Once you’re happy about your choice of door finish, you can purchase your kitchen or bedroom doors in confidence.

Order Free Swatches

Please select up to 3 swatches then click the 'Add to Basket' button below .

unique kitchen & bedroom doors


Unique Brown Grey Avola
Brown Grey Avola
Unique Buttermilk
Unique Dakar
Unique Driftwood
Unique Ellmau Beech
Ellmau Beech
Unique Hacienda Black
Hacienda Black
Unique Hacienda White
Hacienda White
Unique High Gloss Anthracite Sparkle
High Gloss Anthracite Sparkle
Unique High Gloss Black
High Gloss Black
Unique High Gloss Blue Sparkle
High Gloss Blue Sparkle
Unique High Gloss Cappuccino
High Gloss Cappuccino
Unique High Gloss Cashmere
High Gloss Cashmere
Unique High Gloss Cream
High Gloss Cream
Unique High Gloss Dakar
High Gloss Dakar
Unique High Gloss Denim
High Gloss Denim
Unique High Gloss Dust Grey
High Gloss Dust Grey
Unique High Gloss Graphite
High Gloss Graphite
Unique High Gloss Grey
High Gloss Grey
Unique High Gloss Mussel
High Gloss Mussel
Unique High Gloss Sand Beige
High Gloss Sand Beige
Unique High Gloss Stone Grey
High Gloss Stone Grey
Unique High Gloss White
High Gloss White
Unique Iconic Beech
Iconic Beech
Unique Ivory
Unique Light Ferrara Oak
Light Ferrara Oak
Unique Light Winchester Oak
Light Winchester Oak
Unique Lissa Oak
Lissa Oak
Unique Moldau Acacia
Moldau Acacia
Unique Montana Oak
Montana Oak
Unique Mussel
Unique Natural Aida Walnut
Natural Aida Walnut
Unique Odessa Oak
Odessa Oak
Unique Opera Walnut
Opera Walnut
Unique Paintable Vinyl
Paintable Vinyl
Unique Painted Oak Cashmere
Painted Oak Cashmere
Unique Painted Oak Dakar
Painted Oak Dakar
Unique Painted Oak Dust Grey
Painted Oak Dust Grey
Unique Painted Oak Fjord
Painted Oak Fjord
Unique Painted Oak Graphite
Painted Oak Graphite
Unique Painted Oak Ivory
Painted Oak Ivory
Unique Painted Oak Light Grey
Painted Oak Light Grey
Unique Painted Oak Mussel
Painted Oak Mussel
Unique Painted Oak Porcelain
Painted Oak Porcelain
Unique Painted Oak Stone Grey
Painted Oak Stone Grey
Unique Painted Oak White
Painted Oak White
Unique Pale Cream
Pale Cream
Unique Sonoma Oak
Sonoma Oak
Unique Super Matt Cashmere
Super Matt Cashmere
Unique Super Matt Dust Grey
Super Matt Dust Grey
Unique Super Matt Fjord
Super Matt Fjord
Unique Super Matt Frost White
Super Matt Frost White
Unique Super Matt Graphite
Super Matt Graphite
Unique Super Matt Light Grey
Super Matt Light Grey
Unique Super Matt Mussel
Super Matt Mussel
Unique Super Matt Stone Grey
Super Matt Stone Grey
Unique Super White Ash
Super White Ash
Unique White Avola
White Avola
Unique Winchester Oak
Winchester Oak
gravity kitchen & bedroom doors


Gravity Driftwood Light Grey
Driftwood Light Grey
Gravity Evora Stone Graphite
Evora Stone Graphite
Gravity Gladstone Tobacco Oak
Gladstone Tobacco Oak
Gravity Halifax Natural Oak
Halifax Natural Oak
Gravity Light Concrete
Light Concrete
Gravity Matt Cashmere
Matt Cashmere
Gravity Matt Denim Blue
Matt Denim Blue
Gravity Matt Dust Grey
Matt Dust Grey
Gravity Matt Fjord Green
Matt Fjord Green
Gravity Matt Graphite
Matt Graphite
Gravity Matt Indigo Blue
Matt Indigo Blue
Gravity Matt Light Grey
Matt Light Grey
Gravity Matt Onyx Grey
Matt Onyx Grey
Gravity Matt Smoke Blue
Matt Smoke Blue
Gravity Matt White
Matt White
Gravity Metallic Anthracite
Metallic Anthracite
Gravity Metallic Beige
Metallic Beige
Gravity Metallic Blue
Metallic Blue
Gravity Ultragloss Cashmere
Ultragloss Cashmere
Gravity Ultragloss Copperleaf
Ultragloss Copperleaf
Gravity Ultragloss Cream
Ultragloss Cream
Gravity Ultragloss Dark Grey
Ultragloss Dark Grey
Gravity Ultragloss Denim Blue
Ultragloss Denim Blue
Gravity Ultragloss Fjord Green
Ultragloss Fjord Green
Gravity Ultragloss Indigo Blue
Ultragloss Indigo Blue
Gravity Ultragloss Ivory
Ultragloss Ivory
Gravity Ultragloss Light Grey
Ultragloss Light Grey
Gravity Ultragloss Limestone
Ultragloss Limestone
Gravity Ultragloss Mira Cosa
Ultragloss Mira Cosa
Gravity Ultragloss Mussel
Ultragloss Mussel
Gravity Ultragloss Onyx Grey
Ultragloss Onyx Grey
Gravity Ultragloss Plum
Ultragloss Plum
Gravity Ultragloss Red
Ultragloss Red
Gravity Ultragloss Smoke Blue
Ultragloss Smoke Blue
Gravity Ultragloss Tiepolo
Ultragloss Tiepolo
Gravity Ultragloss White
Ultragloss White
bella kitchen & bedroom doors


Bella Alabaster
Bella Canadian Maple
Canadian Maple
Bella High Gloss Cream
High Gloss Cream
Bella High Gloss White
High Gloss White
Bella Ivory
Bella Lissa Oak
Lissa Oak
Bella London Concrete
London Concrete
Bella Matt Cashmere
Matt Cashmere
Bella Matt Dakar
Matt Dakar
Bella Matt Denim
Matt Denim
Bella Matt Dove Grey
Matt Dove Grey
Bella Matt Graphite
Matt Graphite
Bella Matt Mussel
Matt Mussel
Bella Matt Stone Grey
Matt Stone Grey
Bella Moldau Acacia
Moldau Acacia
Bella Oakgrain Cashmere
Oakgrain Cashmere
Bella Oakgrain Cream
Oakgrain Cream
Bella Oakgrain Grey
Oakgrain Grey
Bella Oakgrain Mussel
Oakgrain Mussel
Bella Open Grain White
Open Grain White
Bella Paintable Vinyl
Paintable Vinyl
Bella Porcelain White
Porcelain White
Bella Satin White
Satin White
Bella Sonoma Oak
Sonoma Oak
Bella Super White Ash
Super White Ash
Bella Vanilla
zurfiz kitchen & bedroom doors


Zurfiz Metallic Anthracite
Metallic Anthracite
Zurfiz Metallic Blue
Metallic Blue
Zurfiz Metallic Champagne
Metallic Champagne
Zurfiz Supermatt Cashmere
Supermatt Cashmere
Zurfiz Supermatt Dust Grey
Supermatt Dust Grey
Zurfiz Supermatt Graphite
Supermatt Graphite
Zurfiz Supermatt Light Grey
Supermatt Light Grey
Zurfiz Supermatt White
Supermatt White
Zurfiz Ultragloss Baltic Blue
Ultragloss Baltic Blue
Zurfiz Ultragloss Black
Ultragloss Black
Zurfiz Ultragloss Cashmere
Ultragloss Cashmere
Zurfiz Ultragloss Copperleaf
Ultragloss Copperleaf
Zurfiz Ultragloss Cream
Ultragloss Cream
Zurfiz Ultragloss Japanese Pear
Ultragloss Japanese Pear
Zurfiz Ultragloss Light Grey
Ultragloss Light Grey
Zurfiz Ultragloss Limestone
Ultragloss Limestone
Zurfiz Ultragloss White
Ultragloss White
Zurfiz Ultramatt Metallic Basalt
Ultramatt Metallic Basalt

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All colours/finishes shown on our website may vary from the actual finishes themselves. The images have been produced as accurately as possible. We recommend ordering free colour swatches so that you’re happy with the actual colour and texture before placing your order.