Fitting a dishwasher in a small kitchen

How to Fit a Dishwasher into a Small Kitchen

Currently in the UK, 46% of households own a dishwasher. The same survey found that in 1994, only 18% of households had one. Over time, the dishwasher has become increasingly popular since becoming domestically available during the 1950’s. A dishwasher will completely revolutionise your kitchen and your lifestyle. It frees up time and space, so that you can enjoy cooking and dining with a new sense of ease.

As more and more homeowners seek to to add a dishwasher to their kitchen, some may think that it won’t be possible in a small sized kitchen. Just because you have a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards of owning a dishwasher. By choosing the style and placement of your dishwasher as well as those all important kitchen cupboard doors and flat pack base units, you can smartly integrate the appliance into the rest of your design.

This post looks at how you can fit a dishwasher in a small kitchen and prove the doubters wrong!

Where to put a dishwasher in a small kitchen?

Whenever you add something new to your kitchen, you have to think carefully about how the kitchen functions. For a small kitchen, this is equally important as you are working with such a small place. Ideally, your dishwasher needs to be easily accessible while simultaneously not being in the way when the door is down.

Here are things you need to consider when choosing and finding the best dishwasher placement in a small kitchen. dishwasher:

Select a slimline dishwasher

Dishwashers are available in various shapes and sizes. For a small kitchen, a large dishwasher is not going to fit in with the general kitchen aesthetic. Certain small dishwashers such as a slimline appliance, are designed to fit into compact spaces which is perfect for a small kitchen.

Place the dishwasher underneath the sink

With a single bowl sink, you can integrate this with the dishwasher. Otherwise you could have a double under-sink unit which is beneath the countertop to the side of the bowl and the sink’s piping.

Put the dishwasher in the corner

In the majority of small and large kitchens, the corner space is an under utilised workspace that usually houses rarely used items. Maximise the potential of this space by fitting the dishwasher. Doing so will give you the luxury of the worktop space thanks to your curved or corner based unit, as well as making good use of the area beneath.

Add the dishwasher onto the end

Chances are your small kitchen will not allow for an under-sink or corner dishwasher. Consider fitting the appliance at the end of your flat pack kitchen carcasses, where it can be tucked away at the edge of your kitchen. By doing this, it will allow you to store your essentials in the heart of your kitchen and still have easy access when tidying up.

How to style a dishwasher for a small kitchen

Once you have decided on the placement of your dishwasher, next you need to choose the right colour and finish to help maintain the style of your kitchen. After all, you want the dishwasher to blend seamlessly into your design scheme.

The style of dishwasher you want will depend entirely on the look of your room. However, there are options for making sure your dishwasher adds functionality into your overall design scheme.

Hide your dishwasher behind a cupboard door

The easiest way to maintain an open feel to your kitchen, is to integrate your dishwasher by hiding it behind a cupboard door. This way it will blend smoothly into you small kitchen. Choose from shaker style, slab style and woodgrain kitchen doors for your perfect dishwasher hideaway.

Strip back the kitchen

Maximise the layout of your small kitchen with handleless kitchen units with gloss finish. This will reflect light around the room whilst giving you that uncluttered look and an illusion of space. It will also give your kitchen that modern feel, despite being smaller in size.

Match the colour of your kitchen

Selecting a dishwasher that is the same colour as your existing units will allow it to merge beautifully into the rest of your kitchen.

Colour blocking

If you don’t fancy a single colour, consider choosing a contrasting shade for the units and the dishwasher styled along your single wall. If you opt for a dark colour, this needs to be balanced out with light flooring across the rest of your scheme. Ultimately, you don’t want to overwhelm your limited kitchen space.

Despite having limited space, you can still include a dishwasher in your small kitchen to improve the room and your lifestyle. By being clever with your space and canny with your colour and placement, you can revel in the rewards of owning a dishwasher which matches the layout of your kitchen and the design of your kitchen units.