Why You Should Replace Kitchen Doors

Getting a refreshed look to your kitchen shouldn’t cost a small fortune. One way you can update your kitchen for less is by simply replacing the kitchen cabinet doors. Not only is this a cost-effective way, but it is also a quick solution to an outdated kitchen problem. This is particularly suitable for those that have functioning kitchen cabinet units, however, would just like to bring their kitchen into the present day. This blog looks at the reasons why you should replace your kitchen cabinet doors rather than buy brand new units. 

Can I Change My Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

The answer is yes you can. However, before you decide that you are just going to change your cabinet doors, you should double-check that your kitchen carcasses are functioning properly. If your kitchen is of good quality, then your cabinet units can last over 10 years. This is because they are fixed to the wall whereas the kitchen doors are often the things which suffer from wear and tear. 

The main kitchen units which could suffer the most damage are likely to be those under the sink, where there is most likely to be water damage or units at the end of a run of cabinets. 

Are All Kitchens Suitable For New Replacement Doors?

For those that have well-functioning kitchen units, then new replacement doors are a suitable option. Usually, carcasses that are under 8 years old can have a change in kitchen doors or units without any structural damage. 

At Kitchen Door Hub, we offer replacement kitchen products starting from as little as £4.36. All our cabinet doors come with a 6-year warranty as standard and we offer a range of designs, such as handleless, shaker, slab style, or high gloss.

How Do I Measure Kitchen Doors?

To measure your kitchen doors, you should measure from the back of the door. In short, you should find the height and width of each door in millimeters, before measuring the hinge positions.
If you need further support, be sure to check out our designated blog post on how to measure kitchen doors

What Are The Best Cabinet Doors?

For Those That Want a Modern Look…

For those that are looking for a modern design for their kitchen, then handleless kitchen doors are the way forward. This is because of their sleek design. In addition, a handleless kitchen is ideal for those that would like to make their kitchen appear bigger and more spacious. This is due to their minimal surface.


For Those That Want a Traditional Look…

For those that want a traditional design for their kitchen, then a Shaker design kitchen door would be perfect. This is because the doors give the kitchen a warm, homely feel and each piece of wood is unique. Furthermore, the Shaker range gives you versatility when it comes to choosing the colour of the door.

Shaker Kitchen

For Those That Want A Stylish Feel…

For those that would like to create a stylish feel for their kitchen, then a slab-style kitchen is the way to go. This is because they give off a strong impression and can be added to any modern kitchen design. Also, the Slab Style kitchens from Kitchen Door Hub are durable and are available in a range of colours.

Slab Style Kitchen

For Those That Want To Add A Shine To Their Kitchen…

For those that want to add extra shine to their kitchen, then you should choose the high gloss kitchen design. This is because the surface is perfect for reflecting natural light, so is ideal for those with a smaller kitchen as it can make the room appear bigger. Finally, the high gloss kitchen can be complemented with modern accessories such as bar handles.

Gloss Kitchen

To conclude, you should replace your kitchen cabinets if you are looking for a cost-effective way of updating your kitchen. Furthermore, if you have cabinet units that are perfectly functioning, then replacing your kitchen doors could be a simple way of modernising your kitchen.

Shop Kitchen Cabinet Doors

At Kitchen Door Hub, we offer a range of replacement kitchen doors for less as we cut out the showrooms and salespeople. This means that we don’t pass the unnecessary costs associated with you- the customer. We also offer a 6-year warranty on all our doors, so you know you are getting the best quality available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer support team, who will be happy to help.