10 Ways to Recycle Your Old Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you want to give your kitchen a new lease of life and a makeover, you should consider replacing the existing cupboard doors with new ones. Replacement kitchen doors are cheaper than remodelling your whole kitchen, but what should you do with your old cabinet doors? Put your DIY skills to the test with these 10 fantastic ways to upcycle instead of disposing of old kitchen doors.

New kitchen doors

1. Serving Tray

When recycling units, why not take your smaller kitchen cupboard doors and turn them into serving trays? All it takes is a quick lick of paint and an additional handle on each side of the table. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not add an illustration in the centre? You’ll have a classic serving tray that’s perfect to use for relaxing TV dinners or when you’re having a lazy day in bed.

Kitchen door recycled as tea tray

Source: Craftynest

2. New kitchen island worktop

If you’ve found yourself with a surplus of kitchen cupboard doors laying around, why not make a new worktop with repurposed cabinet doors? Kitchen Islands are a great way to add additional storage and surface space to your kitchen. Why not upcycle your old Unique kitchen doors and turn it into a kitchen island worktop? Matte doors work better than gloss as they don’t show up as many marks. When you recycle kitchen cabinets, you can repaint matte doors if needs be.

Kitchen island unit made from recycled kitchen doors

Source: indulgy

3. Photo frames

Another great way to upcycle your cabinet doors is by turning them into photo frames. Simply cut out the main door and use string to create rows for your photographs to hang from. If you’re not so DIY savvy, you could even just glue your photos to the original door and create an awesome collage.

4. Coat rack

Whether you need to hang up towels in the bathroom, pet leads in the hallway or coats in the bedroom, old kitchen doors provide the perfect foundation for a unique and rustic coat rack. Simply find some quirky hangers and attach them to the door frame. You could even use your old door-knobs as hangers.

Coat rack made from recycled kitchen drawer front

Source: Pam Hodges

5. Jewellery organiser

Everyone knows just how frustrating it is when you have to untangle your necklaces or bracelets – jewellery is one of those things that accumulates overtime and then spirals out of control. there’s nothing worse than misplacing your favourite necklace! Create a jewellery organiser by adding a few stylish hooks to an old kitchen door and attaching it to the wall. There’s no excuse for necklaces to get tangled ever again!

6. Chalk board

There’s no denying the efficiency of chalk boards. Whether you need one to set daily goals, write out a shopping list, or scribble out a recipe while cooking, an old kitchen door is the practical solution. You can either repaint the board with chalkboard paint, or attach a chalk board to the door. This can work with a range of doors, including acrylic kitchen doors.

Chalk board made from recycled kitchen door

Source: Mom4real

7. Coffee table

If you’re feeling super creative, then why not build a coffee table out of your old cupboard doors? Go over the doors with some paint, get your drill out and show off your DIY skills!

8. Additional kitchen storage

While you’re in the process of giving your kitchen a facelift, have a think about all the handy ways you can add storage by recycling your old kitchen cabinet doors; like this suspended pot rack option:

Kitchen door converted into pot rack

Source: bhg

9. Bathroom towel rail

If you have a bathroom without much storage, have a go at making one of these rustic towel rails. Add additional shelving for accessories and a towel rack; it’ll keep all your accessories in one place. Just remember to use bathroom specific paint on your kitchen door!

10. Extra storage

You probably never thought there were so many storage opportunities with old kitchen cupboard doors. And yet here’s another one. Create a chest of drawers, a bench, or even a chair you can store things in; there’s always a crafty alternative to spending more money.

With so many useful ways to recycle kitchen cabinets and doors, there’s no need to simply throw them away. So have a go at making your home unique, and save some money in the process. If you want to go one step further, browse our range of new replacement kitchen doors. If you need support with replacing the kitchen doors that you have currently, then please feel free to contact one of our customer service team.