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Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Kitchen Doors

‘UK consumers have become more savvy shoppers’, says Chris Morley of Nielsen market research, and he’s not wrong. We’re really looking after our hard-earned cash, which means we’re always searching for more cost effective solutions and shortcuts. Unfortunately, as many of us know, home design usually isn’t one of the areas where low cost quick fixes are advised, but when it comes to updating your kitchen, there’s a cheaper alternative that’s worth considering: DIY kitchen doors.

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Kitchen Cabinets: Reface or Replace?

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, replacing the kitchen units will usually be a top priority. But ask yourself this: do the cabinets themselves really need replacing, or would refacing old kitchen cabinets successfully create the look and feel you were going for? There’s many reasons to consider refacing:

  • Cost – Refacing kitchen cabinets costs can be surprisingly affordable – great news for savvy homeowners. The cost of new kitchen doors is significantly less than the cost of a new kitchen.
  • Time – Believe it or not, refacing kitchen cabinets is fairly easy. You may be able to fit the doors yourself, enabling you to quickly update your kitchen style or theme in a single weekend.

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However, there are some considerations to make before going ahead with your replacement kitchen doors. Here are a few aspects to take into account before getting the ball rolling with your new design:

  • Layout – If you’re going to reface your cabinet doors, you need to be sure that you’re 100 percent happy with your kitchen layout. Otherwise, consider if a remodel would work better.
  • Condition – There’s no point replacing doors on cabinets that are already in poor condition. If your cabinets need replacing, it’s best to do so, rather than simply opting for a quick fix.

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Planning Your Update

If you’ve decided that you want to move ahead with refacing your kitchen doors, rather than looking into a complete remodel of your kitchen, here’s a handy, step-by-step guide to planning your redesign:

  • Determine Whether Your Cabinets Can be Refaced

Spend a little time taking a good look at your kitchen cabinets to determine if they’re good candidates for being refaced. Your cabinets should be structurally sound, still in a decent state of repair and of good quality, and perhaps most importantly, there should be no signs of water damage. Water damage is shockingly common, especially on undersink cabinets.

  • Measure Your Kitchen Doors

Measure twice, order once! When ordering your replacement doors, you’ll want to know how many doors you need, and the exact size of the doors in millimetres. Measuring kitchen doors is easy, but it does take a little time, attention and precision. Remember to measure each and every door, as while they may look the same, a few millimetres can make all the difference!
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  • Choose Design & Colour

Deciding on a style and colour is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. There are more styles available than you may think, from the quaint beadboard style and the classic inset style, and the modern handleless kitchen units and contemporary high gloss kitchen cupboard doors or acrylic kitchen doors. And when it comes to colour, the world’s your oyster! It’s a good idea to pick up a colour swatch to get a better idea of what you’re after.

  • Order New Kitchen Doors

If your kitchen doors are standard sizes, it’s easier than ever to order from us online. Simply select your desired kitchen door style and finish and we will provide you with a quick quote. You can also choose which handles or hinges you would like to install to complement your new design. If you’re unsure about how to replace kitchen doors, contact us to find out how we can help.