Small bedroom storage solutions

Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

From clothes, to dressers, to mirrors, to bookshelves, bedrooms are filled with trinkets, furnishings and ornaments that help to transform it from a room into your own private escape. It’s the little things that make a bedroom, but it’s also the little things that start to take up all the room.

If you’re suffering from small bedroom syndrome and are struggling to cram your belongings into your tiny room, read on and discover some of our very own top tips and tricks to maximize your space with some ever so clever bedroom storage ideas.

Build some shelves

If your room is feeling a little cramped behind that bedroom door, add some height to the room and install some shelving units across the lengths of your walls. Not only does this add some colour and personality to your room, but it’s also a failsafe handy storage device for you to fill with all those pesky space hogging knick knacks.

Install a clothes rack

If you have a small bedroom, you’ll know all too well how much of a struggle it can be trying to fit your clothes into a cramped space, especially if you’re limited to a small wardrobe or dresser. But don’t hang up the towel just yet, instead think about hanging up those clothes. Though it may seem backwards to leave your clothes on display, if done properly this can add a stylish and unique statement to your room, as well as eliminating the need to squash in unnecessary large cupboards and wardrobes.

Get crafty with tables

When it comes to small bedrooms, nothing eats away into all that space like furniture. Minimise that amount of clutter in your room by creating makeshift tables and stands from your bedroom bits and bobs. Whether you paint an old box and turn it into a stylish cabinet, or use some swanky suitcases to create a statement bedside table, there’s no end of spacious DIY possibilities. So get creative and get crafty with your space.

Under bed storage

At the very heart of the bedroom lies the ever important bed space. Dominating both the visual and physical dimensions of the room, beds take up an immeasurable amount of room, and so it makes sense to to give this dead space a second life. By installing some under bed drawers, boxes or storage units you can easily transform your useless bed space into a practical storage solution.

Create a wall board

If you’re feeling boxed in by your small bedroom, take things to new heights with an arty wall board. Allowing you to inject a touch of creativity, wall boards are not only completely customizable with fairy lights, photos and decorations, but they’re also an incredibly useful way to store and stash your belongings. From jewellery, to hats, to bags, to keys, to art, there’s no end of ways you can fill up these wall boards; creating a personal space that’s all yours.

If you’re looking to do-up your bedroom or need replacement bedroom wardrobe doors, why not contact one of our friendly team today and we’ll work with you to turn your dream home design into a reality. You can also ready another post we have written on how to maximise space in a small bedroom