Pros & Cons of Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets offer a timeless kitchen design. They are known for their five-piece door design. This simple-yet-effective design has been a popular choice for homeowners for many years. This guide looks at the reasons why you should choose shaker-style cabinets, as well as a few reasons why the shaker design might not be suitable for your kitchen.

Mornington Shaker Kitchen in grey

The Origins of Shaker Cabinets

The shaker design originates from the Shakers that formed in the US in the 18th century. The Shaker people were well known for their craftsmanship and would use minimal materials in their work. These origins have strongly influenced the shaker style cabinet of today – good quality yet a simple design. 

Pros of Shaker Cabinets

Simple design

The straightforward design of shaker cabinets means that they can work in the majority of kitchen layouts. What’s more, their simple design gives the shaker style a timeless appeal which has proved popular over many years.

Low maintenance

It’s easy to clean a shaker-style kitchen. Shaker kitchen cupboard doors have a smooth surface which means that they don’t collect too much dirt and grease and look clean. This means that you can spend more time doing things you enjoy, rather than cleaning!

Can reflect your personality

Despite its simple design, you can still personalise shaker cabinet doors to reflect your personality. At Kitchen Door Hub, we offer replacement shaker cabinet doors in a wide variety of colours to suit your kitchen and match your unique style. Plus, with a 6-year warranty included with all our kitchen doors, you can be confident that your replacement kitchen door will be of the highest quality.

Cons of Shaker Cabinets

Potential buyers may not like the shaker style

If you are renovating a kitchen before your home gets sold, then some potential buyers might not like shaker-style cabinets. This is because some, potentially younger buyers, might wish to have a more modern kitchen, such as a handleless or high gloss design.

Might not be suitable for certain layouts

For some kitchen layouts, such as those with lots of columns, mouldings and decoration, the shaker style kitchen design might look a bit plain and boring. This can be similar to those that want a modern kitchen. For these kinds of kitchen layouts, you should choose something similar, such as the slab style kitchen doors.

Shop Shaker Cabinet Doors

If you would like to shop shaker style cabinet doors, then at Kitchen Door Hub, we offer a range of high-quality styles and colours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today and one of the team would be happy to help.