Kitchen new year's resolutions

New Year’s Kitchen Resolutions

January is a time to make New Year’s resolutions, not only for yourself but also your kitchen! You may be thinking that you didn’t stick to your resolutions last year, so why should you bother again this year? Well, people love a growth mindset and setting resolutions is great for completing goals throughout the year.

Here are our New Year’s Kitchen Resolutions that you can try this year! 

Use less plastics

Climate change is very real, and everyone wants to do their bit to save the planet. The kitchen is a place where lots of disposable, single-use plastics are used. Use this year to cut down on your plastic wrap, aluminum foil and more to eliminate or reduce your habit. Use reusable options such as silicone bags, cotton or mesh pouches, metal straws and food covers. Find out how to use less plastic in your kitchen.

Healthy eating

Since you’re creating resolutions for the kitchen space, why not make a resolution for yourself? Use your kitchen to eat healthier this year. A great way to eat healthier is to steam your food. This style of cooking reduces the amount of fat you use in meal prepping, while retaining moisture. It’s also very practical, as you can easily fit a compact steamer into any kitchen space.

Organise your spaces

There are a number of chaotic locations in the kitchen. It’s likely that you store all your plastic bags under the sink, your cabinets are full of mismatched storage containers and there’s still a drawer full of kitchen tools you use (or don’t). Look at the tools you don’t use and move them on to de-clutter your drawer. By organising your kitchen, you’ll feel instantly better. 

Alternatively, if you feel you need more storage and have the space for it, you can add more kitchen units or even some innovative storage solutions.

Cut your electricity bill

The kitchen has a lot of appliances and accessories that require electricity. Combine those with your lighting fixtures, and your energy bills start skyrocketing. It’s time to replace your incandescent lighting with LED kitchen lights or fluorescent strip lighting, so you can save money with these stylish solutions.

Save water

Another save you can make is with the amount of water you waste. There are various appliances and fixtures that are certified by companies such as WaterSense. A sensor tap is a great green option for anyone who wants to cut their water wastage.

Keep the kitchen cleaner

It’s easy to make a mess in the kitchen, but it’s even easier not to tidy up properly. Whether you clean-as-you-cook or clean at the end, you shouldn’t walk away from your kitchen without tidying up. It’s vital to motivate yourself to do a better job of cleaning your kitchen space this year. After all, you want to show off your kitchen from time to time!

You can even view our guide on how to clean kitchen cupboard doors to keep your units looking pristine.

Take better care of your kitchen equipment

Your kitchen has a lot of equipment that’ll last a long time if you treat it correctly. Certain items are best washed by hand, including pots, pans and knives. Knives need to be kept sharp and safely stored. Another tip is to ensure that your non-stick cookware isn’t used on high heat, as this will help prevent it from getting damaged.

Give your kitchen a refresh

New year, new decade, new kitchen? Not everybody has the budget to overhaul their kitchen, but you can still make smaller changes to give your space a refresh. Perhaps your kitchen doors have seen better days and need replacing. With the extent to which you use the handles and hinges, they can fall into disrepair. However, they can easily be replaced.

If you do have the budget and the time for a complete overhaul, there are plenty of kitchen styles to choose from to give your whole kitchen space a complete uplift. 

These are just a few things you can do as we start this new year. For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at more of our insight on The Hub.