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How Much Do New Kitchen Doors Really Cost?

How much do new kitchen doors cost? That’s a remarkably common question from homeowners, and it’s one that’s actually very difficult to answer. Consider that the average price of a new kitchen is around £5000 – £6000, but that a complete remodel can really cost anywhere from £1000 to much more than you can imagine. It’s the same with kitchen doors. Kitchen doors vary in price considerably, but what we do know is that refacing kitchen cabinets can be a much more cost effective way to update and refresh your home, when compared to the cost of a new kitchen. Here are a few aspects that affect cost:

  • Ordering / Fitting Choices
  • When it comes to redesigning our home, we all want flexibility, and that’s exactly what we get with kitchen doors. Unlike a complete kitchen refit, which often requires professional installation, we can choose to go down the DIY kitchen doors route for a simple reface, where we order and fit the new doors ourselves, bringing the costs down. DIY ordering and professional fitting can also prove to be a very cost effective option. Of course, if you opt for professional design, ordering, and fitting, the total cost of the doors will be significantly more.

Kitchen. Image: BWA DesignImage: BWADesign

  • Styles / Designs Accessories

    Many suppliers will offer a wide range of standard sizes doors, all the way from 283 x 496 mm to 2540 x 1200 mm, but if your cabinets are more unusual sizes, you can opt for made-to-measure doors at a slightly higher price range. Your small scale kitchen remodel cost will also be affected by the finish you choose – matt, textured, satin, or high gloss kitchen doors, for example – any additional accessories required, like new hinges, and whether you want to replace your handles. If they do need replacing, it’s easier to do everything at once.

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  • Brands

    Just like whether you opt for branded baked beans or the supermarket’s own version, your new kitchen cost will be affected by the brand of kitchen door you choose. Consider 4 major styles – Unique, Gravity, Bella, and Zurfiz. The Unique and Bella brands target homeowners on a budget who are looking for low cost solutions to updating their kitchen, with vinyl-wrapped doors that help to keep costs down. These doors cost from just £4.00. Gravity and Bella make use of ultra gloss acrylic and woodgrain finishes, and are considered more ‘high end’. Doors cost from £5.00.

Kitchen with curved inset appliances. Image: RealEstateImage: RealEstate

As we can see, there are many factors that determine the total cost of new kitchen doors, and this is good news for homeowners. The high degree of flexibility we have over each aspect of the design and installation of our doors means we’re able to easily identify great solutions that match our budget, saving money on the average cost of a new kitchen and allowing us to update and refresh our style.