Maximising space in a small bedroom

How to Maximise Space In Small Bedrooms

When it comes to maximising the space in your home, it’s important to make sure you are utilising every inch of available space. If you have a small bedroom it can often be hard to fit all your stuff comfortably, which is when smart storage solutions come in handy to make sure valuable space isn’t wasted. Here are a few ways to maximize the space in a small bedroom.


Under the bed storage

Under the bed storage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help declutter and maximise the space available in your bedroom. If there is space under your bed for storage then it is worth investing in some storage containers or boxes to help neatly and effectively pack away your unwanted items. However, if you’re serious about your storage solutions then it may be worthwhile investing in a new storage bed, that lifts up in order to pack away all your items without the eye sore. 


Organise your wardrobe

The best way to maximise your space in small bedrooms is to make sure you are making good use of your current storage solutions. By taking the time to properly organise the clothes in your wardrobe, you could find yourself freeing up more space than usual. Try investing in some handy wardrobe organisers to make sure you can easily reach all your items, without the hassle of having to dig to the back of the cupboard.

If you are using your wardrobe to store away any items that you don’t use very often, then vacuum packed bags are a great way to free up space, especially for out-of-season clothing that may be taking up a lot of room such as jumpers, winter coats and hoodies in the summer. 


Remove any unnecessary furniture

This may already be given, but it’s important to make sure you’re not storing away any unnecessary furniture in your room that could be taking up a large amount of space. To maximise your storage space, make sure that the furniture you are storing is practical and useful. Clothes dressers can take up a lot of floor space, make sure you utilise this space properly – smart storage solutions come in handy. You will also find that by removing any unnecessary furniture, it will visually make your room look more spacious as well as open up the space for natural light to pour in. 


Use the back of the door

One of the most overlooked storage spaces in most bedrooms is behind the door. With so much potential in even the most cramped rooms, it’s essential you take advantage of the space you do have. When it comes to replacement bedroom doors, it’s important to remember that you can easily reclaim a ton of back-of-the-door storage space for your extra items such as dressing gown, coats and hoodies. The main benefit of this being that it’s virtually invisible most of the time. 


Buy multifunctional furniture

Multifuncional furniture is a lifesaver when it comes to unique and smart storing. Try buying a bed with a bookshelf or side table built in, or a wardrobe with drawers to help store away your shoes. Combining furniture can ensure that all your storage needs are met without the unnecessary use for multiple pieces of furniture, which will inevitably just block valuable space. 


 Utilise any wall space

Another great way to maximise the storage space in your room is to utilise the space on the walls. Use open and closed shelving to help storage away any little items such as books, trinkets and plants and save the floor space for more practical pieces. Wall mirrors, as opposed to floor standing mirrors, are also a great way to make sure you are freeing up the available space in your bedroom.

For more information on how you can help maximise your space in your room feel free to contact us today. Perhaps you’re looking to redecorate? Take a look at our extensive collection of wardrobe doors and handles and start creating your dream bedroom today.