The Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

When it comes to decorating and designing your home, it can often be difficult to strike that balance between creating an individual and stylish statement while also maintaining practicality. When it comes to kitchens, this can be especially difficult, particularly when it involves making decisions on things such as kitchen cabinet doors, rigid units, worktops and countertops.

As one of the most popular interior design choices for kitchens, marble countertops are a definite hit within many homes across the UK. But just how good a choice are they really? We’ve created a list of all off the pros and cons regarding marble kitchen countertops, to help you make an informed decision, so that whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have the kitchen that fits in perfectly with you and your lifestyle.


Marble countertop cons

The Cons of Marble Countertops

Scratches Easily

Unfortunately, although marble countertops may look beautiful, the novelty of their beauty comes at a price. Sharp knives easily cut and scratch the surface, leaving noticeable marks that are near impossible to get rid of. So, if you’re cack-handed with cutlery in the kitchen, it may best best to consider your alternatives before choosing marble countertops.


Susceptible to Stains

As an extremely porous material, marble is incredibly susceptible to being marred by stains. Readily absorbing any liquids that touch its surface, many who choose marble for their kitchen often end up having wine, oil and sauce stains etched onto their countertops, all of which can certainly impact the look of your kitchen. If you’re notorious for being clumsy, it may be worth reconsidering marble.


Marble Requires Maintenance

Although many worktops require a certain level of care and attention to keep them looking pristine and in good condition, marble arguably requires an even more thorough and intensive care routine. With its porous surface and easy ability to stain, marble often requires treatment with regular sealing to help prevent liquids and spillages from seeping into the stone. Its fragility also means that at times it has to be covered up and protected when in use, making it an impractical choice compared to other worktop, flat pack kitchen base unit and flat pack kitchen carcass options.


Pros of marble countertops

The Pros of Marble Countertops

Heat Resistant

It’s not unusual for things to get a bit heated in the kitchen, and if you’re cooking dinner – or even just grabbing yourself a midnight snack – you want to know that if you’re moving around pots, pans and boiling kettles, you’re not going to wind up scorching or searing your worktops. Luckily, marble countertops are heat resistant and are able to withstand high temperatures, meaning that your kitchen worktops will remain clean and sparkling over time.


Cost Effective

Decorating a kitchen can be expensive to say the least and, in the interior design game, every penny counts. However, you can rest easy if you decide on marble countertops for your kitchen. While some marble materials can certainly be costly, the most popular and commonly used one (Carrara) is one of the cheapest work surface materials available to buy, making it the perfect choice for those on a tight budget.


Cool Surface

Marble countertops are incredibly cool to the touch. Not only does this help with creating a natural heat resistance, but it’s also a perfect feature to help with baking. When cooking with pastry and certain types of dough, cool surfaces can be incredibly beneficial in helping to shape and work the pastry, making it a useful tool for bakers and cooks alike.



Of course, one of the most common and popular reasons for choosing marble countertops is simply their stylish appearance. Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, nothing quite looks as visually stunning as some marble worktops. The perfect way to bring some style into your home, marble countertops are the interior design choice that will never go out of style.


If you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen with some stylish features, why not contact one of our friendly expert team today, and we’ll help you to make your interior design dreams a reality.