How to Make your Bedroom Feel Cosy

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cosy

We’re in the midst of Winter, so it’s time to dig the knitwear from the bottom of the wardrobe and fish the scarves out from the storage under the bed. One of the best (and worst) aspects of Winter is getting into your comfy, warm bed and toasting yourself up in a snug duvet… until the alarm goes off and you’re faced with ice cold, dark winter mornings. Making your bedroom feel welcoming and cosy will make you enjoy winter even more. So, we’ve come up with a few hacks to help make your bedroom feel cosy, without the need for replacement bedroom wardrobe doors.


Hang fairy lights on the wall

Fairy lights will completely change the look of any room, as they add warm gold tones to the room, making it feel like a magical wonderland. You can hang fairy lights on your wall without causing much damage – simply use Command clear Wall Hooks! You won’t need any fancy screws or hinges! You could also hang the lights behind a sheet or thin curtain, if you want to avoid that Christmas display aesthetic. You can get plug in fairy lights or battery powered fairy lights from Amazon, Primark and other High Street Stores.


Put cable knit cushions and throws around your room

Cable and chunky knits are the epitome of comfy and warm. Their thick textures and patterns compliment a room, and make it look like a toasty wonderland. If you’re looking for a hobby, then you could even learn to knit your own cushion covers and blankets – they make a great Christmas present! Drape your chunky knit throw over your bed, and have a few cushions on your bedroom chair – these beautiful cushions will add warmth and texture to your bedroom!


Place textured rugs all over your room

A textured rug will turn a cold, drafty floor into a warm, luxurious space. A fluffy rug in a block colour will give your bedroom a splash of colour – or if you want to stick to a colour scheme, a neutral rug will add that extra splash of snugness. If you’re after something different, then try a patterned rug! A rug next to your bed or in the centre of your bedroom will add personality, after all.


Hang pictures on the wall

An empty room echoes, making it seem colder and sparse. When a room doesn’t have any personality, it feels clinical – making winter feel even colder.  So, why not hang some photos, prints and pictures on the wall? This is a fairly inexpensive way to make your bedroom feel snug, and can even bring the smaller details in your bedroom furniture You can pick up cheap photo frames from any home bargains store, and print your favourite images. Command wall strips means you can hang frames on the wall without causing any damage!



Candles offer warm amber flames and delicious smells, so why not place a few candles (safely) around the bedroom and relax? From mouthwatering cookie flavours to winter berries and fresh linen, certain smells really can make a room feel so much warmer. Please do not leave any candles unattended or near anything flammable.


Put your pyjamas on the radiator

There’s nothing quite like putting a warm pair of pyjamas on. Before you head off to work, or as soon as you get in, place your pjs on the radiator and then be blessed with warm pyjamas before you go to bed!


Make your bed everyday

A made bed can change the way a bedroom looks, and looks really inviting for when you go back home. Wake up every morning and make your bed – get the pillows, throws, blankets and cuddly toys in order, and then leave. When you come back home you’ll be greeted with the cosiest bedroom alive.


Tidy your bedroom

We’re all guilty of having a floordrobe, but what’s the point in having a wardrobe if you’re not going to use it? Get the clothes hung up, sort out the chair that’s becoming the dumping ground and remove all the mugs and cutlery. Sort out your bedroom storage – from the chest of drawers to the cabinets and flat pack kitchen units – you’ll feel cosy in no time!