Putting handles on a wardrobe

How to Put Handles on a Wardrobe

The bedroom handles you select for your wardrobe and other cupboards can really maximise the finish of your room. Whether a traditional cage drop handle or a contemporary chrome curve handle will best suit your bedroom doors, it’s important to find a style that you love. Once you’ve found your perfect match, you need to install your handles without damaging the intended wardrobe. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the best advice in the business for putting on bedroom door handles.


1. First Steps

Do not just get your drill out and slam a couple of random holes into the door. Before you start it is good practice to ensure the bedroom or wardrobe door is dry and clean. Read any instructions that are provided by the manufacturer to avoid any unwanted door splits.


2. Measure Up

Once your door is prepared, measure the length between the screw holes – these are usually indicated by most manufacturers as small grooves or marks on the inside of the door. Ensure that these holes match the length between the two handle inserts (if your handle requires two screws). If your handle only needs one screw then simply make sure it is in the correct position so your handle will be central and straight.


3. Get Drilling

Another tip to avoid your bedroom door from splintering when you drill handle holes is to use an offcut of wood. Attach this offcut using a G-clamp to the outside of the door in line with where you want the handle to be. By doing this, when you drill through the door the wood will not splinter.

However, when you begin drilling the holes for your handle screws to go in do this from the inside of the door. This will protect the exterior of the wardrobe or bedroom door from any marks the drill may produce. Also, aim to use a drill bit that is slightly wider than your handle screws so you can get them into the holes you make.


4. Final Touches

Now that you have your perfectly measured and drilled holes in your bedroom door you can attach your new handle. Align your handle with the drilled holes and tighten the screws in from the inside of the door. Do not over-tighten your handle screws as this can damage the door.

When working with wooden replacement bedroom wardrobe doors make sure you take the proper safety precautions and use safety eyewear and gloves.  


If you are looking for a new selection of wardrobe or bedroom handles then check out our full range of handles and hinges. We are certain you will be able to find the right style to fit in with the rest of your bedroom.