How to maximise bedroom space

If you’ve got an eye for style and a wardrobe to match, you may struggle to work with an ordinary bedroom. In situations like these, it’s best to get creative and make use of more interesting and unique storage solutions. In this post, we look at a few of the best storage solutions that will maximise space in your bedroom.

Wirework Shoe Racks

If you’re limited for room space in your bedroom, you can expand your overall storage within the units you have by taking advantage of wirework storage. If you have a large shoe collection, you can fit one of our shoe racks, allowing you to layer your shoes neatly, instead of them being messily strewn at the bottom of your wardrobe. 

These are available in stackable or pull-out variants. Our convenient and practical stackable shoe racks come complete with brackets and clips, providing you with the perfect solution for storing your shoe collection. As each unit is sold individually, you can simply customise the number purchased according to your needs with room to add more in the future, if necessary, when your collection grows. Similarly, the pull-out is a useful space-saving solution that is conveniently side mounted to store your entire shoe collection while always maintaining easy access.

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Bridging Units

When you’re tight on floor space, bridging units can help you bridge that gap. Easily worked into an existing installation or used as part of a new project, they can provide a large amount of extra storage space above the area where a unit on the floor would not work.

They can be used over the bed, above a TV or media unit, or anywhere else there is space. They can even be stacked to provide extra height. The range on offer is very flexible, with varying heights, depths, and widths to make sure they work in your space, including made to measure sizes.

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Internal Drawers

Drawers enable you to improve the storage efficiency of your bedroom and use space that would otherwise be left empty. Internal drawers are especially great, as they can be worked into existing installations, or used as a discreet way to provide extra room in your new project. Available in two or three drawer variants, as well as all of the standard wardrobe widths, they can be easily utilised with no extra planning required.

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Practical Reasons

  • Make use of redundant areas
  • Gives you more room for accessories and clothes
  • Frees up floor space for extra furniture

Cosmetic Reasons

  • Tie together areas with bridging units
  • Hide storage within units
  • Neatly display your outfits and shoes

Now that you have seen a few different ways that you can maximise your bedroom storage space, we would be happy to help with any queries or bedroom design ideas you may have. Our office team is able to provide technical advice and support for all of these products, to ensure that you have a simple and easy ordering experience.

If you have any questions then you can contact us via phone or email.