How to design a modern bedroom

Modern bedrooms are known for their sleek, crisp, and clean aesthetic. Their colours tend to be neutral or muted to make the space feel light and airy, and this is usually paired with a lot of natural light.

Less is always more with a modern room and if you’re looking to create a space that will bring a calming and soothing atmosphere, then a modern bedroom style may be the right design for you. 

Modern bedrooms are typically characterised by clean lines and sleek surfaces. One of the best ways to achieve this is to update your wardrobe doors and drawer fronts with handleless or slab style doors.

Here we highlight a few of the collections and styles available at Kitchen Door Hub that will help you successfully achieve this sleek, modern look.

Handleless doors

With defined lines and no obtrusive handles, our handleless bedroom door collection creates that crisp look and creates a sense of minimalism. 

This sense of minimalism is perfect for a bedroom, as the absence of furniture and clutter makes the space feel so much more relaxing. 

Kitchen Door Hub supplies a range of doors from 4 different collections; Gravity, Bella, Zurfiz, and Unique. Across these 4 ranges, we offer a wide variety of different styles, so you’re sure to find a door which is perfect for you and your home.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite handleless doors that can transform your bedroom:

From left to right:

Bella Elland Matt Pebble

Bella Knebworth Matt Graphite

Unique Avienda Ivory

Slab Style Doors

Although handleless doors probably have the edge when it comes to creating a modern space, the sleek look can still be achieved with slab style doors. The only real, noticeable difference is that one style has handles while the other doesn’t.

For those who prefer handles on their units, slab style doors may even be the better option as they still create that sleek look and, with the large range of handles that we have to offer at Kitchen Door Hub, you can make your bedroom look perfectly modern. 

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite slab style doors available at KDH:

From left to right:

– Gravity Evora Stone Graphite

Bella Pisa Matt Denim

Zurfiz Ultragloss Limestone

If you’re struggling to make a decision on whether to go handleless or not, then our blog post, pros and cons of handleless doors, offers some helpful tips that will help you decide. However, if you are set on which style of door/drawer that you want to go for, then take a look at our colour options.

As discussed at the start of this blog post, modern spaces are usually characterised by their neutral or muted colours such as white, cream, grey, black, and oak. However, this does not mean that you necessarily need to stick to these colourways as you are free to experiment in any way you want. 

Modern spaces can still feel modern with the inclusion of a bold door colour such as Baltic Blue or Chilli Red. Alternatively, you could stick with neutral colours for your wardrobe doors, but add accent colours using cushions, blankets, artwork, etc.

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Ultimately, transforming your bedroom is all about turning it into a space that you love and can relax in. For more advice on bedroom design, get in touch today and our design experts can help make your dream modern bedroom a reality.