How to clean kitchen door handles

How to Clean Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Your kitchen goes through a lot! Food splatters and grubby fingerprints can make your kitchen cupboard doors look scruffy. Giving them a good clean will ensure everything stays fresh, keeping your kitchen looking newer for longer. If you feel like your kitchen cabinets are in need of a really good clean and want to know how to clean kitchen cupboard doors, then this article is perfect for you.

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Cleaning Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Whether you have gloss, textured or matt finish kitchen doors, we’ll go through the most effective cleaning methods for each one. Kitchen cupboards have a lifespan of around 50 years, so it’s important to use the right cleaner for each specific cabinet surface to ensure their longevity.

High Gloss Finish

For high gloss kitchen cupboard doors, you will want to be gentle in order to avoid scratching the delicate surface. For day-to-day finger marks, wiping with a dry soft microfibre cloth is enough to do the trick when cleaning acrylic kitchen doors

For greasier clean-ups from midnight snack sessions, wipe the cabinets with a dampened cloth. A great tip is to use distilled water to avoid watermarks. Wipe up immediately after with a soft dry cloth to restore the shine. Catching messier splatters and spills as soon as they happen will help to avoid any permanent marks and staining. 

Textured Finish

There are many textured kitchen cupboard doors available, including wood and paint finish. Cleaning kitchen cabinet doors like these varies for each finish, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. A mix of equal parts washing up liquid and warm water will do the trick for removing any recent food splatters and greasy fingerprints. 

For a much deeper clean, use a diluted mix of equal parts vinegar and warm water with a sponge to lift off any baked-in food and oil marks. Be sure to do a small patch test on an unseen part of your kitchen cupboard doors to ensure it doesn’t damage the finish.

Matt Finish

Matt finish cupboard doors, such as the PWS range, are exceptionally resilient to scratches, scuffs and staining, making them great for a busy family home. When cleaning matt kitchen cupboards, using soap and water is perfectly fine for everyday messes like food splatters and fingerprints. Just be sure to rinse and dry afterwards with warm water and a soft cloth to avoid soapy build-up. 

Oily fingerprints and bigger splatter marks from some serious cooking can be much more stubborn to lift off. Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and leave it on the stain for a few minutes, then rinse off with a damp sponge. A small patch test is recommended beforehand, just to double check you’re not damaging the finish. Be sure to dry your cupboard doors off with a soft cloth to avoid water marks, and they should look good as new! 

Cleaning Handles and Knobs

Now your kitchen cabinet doors are clean, you can move on to cleaning your door handles. Kitchen cupboard handles and doorknobs are subject to grime and dirt that builds up every day. To keep your door handles looking their best, it’s important to catch any dirt and grime as soon as it happens with a dampened sponge. Be sure to dry off with a soft cloth to avoid tarnishing or water stains. 

When your kitchen cupboard handles are in need of a more thorough clean, it’s best to remove the handles by unscrewing them gently and use one of the cleaning methods below depending what material your kitchen cupboard handles are made from. 

Stainless Steel

For those difficult to remove stains, a mix of equal parts olive oil and vinegar will help to lift off any stuck on gunk. Rinse afterwards with a damp cloth, dry off thoroughly before screwing them back in. Polish your cupboard handles with stainless steel furniture polish for next level sparkle. When cleaning stainless steel, avoid using abrasives like steel wool and strong chemicals so you don’t cause permanent damage. 

Brass and Copper

Brass and copper accented kitchens are super trendy right now, from sink taps and cookware to kitchen handles. This chic look is all the rage. Use the cleaning method below to remove tarnishing and keep your brass and copper handles looking their best. 

Squeeze out some ketchup and rub a very thin coat onto your brass and copper handles. Let that sit for around 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Your handles are now ready to be screwed back in! You can also use this to clean your copper and brass cookware! 

Only use this method on pure brass and copper only, if you’re not sure, you can use a fridge magnet to double check the material. If your handles are solid brass or copper, the magnet should not stick to the handles. 

If cleaning handles isn’t your thing, you can opt for handleless kitchen cupboard doors. It’s a perfect option for a more contemporary-looking kitchen, plus it makes cleaning and maintenance much easier and quicker. 

Refreshing Your Kitchen Cupboard Doors

So you’ve scrubbed your kitchen doors from top to bottom, but they’re still not looking the best they could be. If you’re in need of a kitchen overhaul without spending lots of money, then here are two ways to spruce things up even further. 

Replace Your Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Replacing your kitchen cabinet handles can dramatically change the look of your kitchen on a low budget, it’s also super easy to do. There’s plenty of finishes and styles of kitchen cupboard handles, so explore and experiment with ones that will suit your kitchen. 

Replace Your Kitchen Cupboard Doors

If you’re still in need of a true refresh without committing to a full kitchen renovation, then replacing your kitchen cupboard doors is a great option for you. Once you’ve measured and ordered your new ones, you can replace them yourself. Just unscrew the old door and attach the new replacment kitchen doors. Check out our wide range of kitchen cupboard doors here. 

Here’s a few extra tips for how you can refresh your kitchen if this has got you in the mood for some DIY. For more kitchen hacks, be sure to check out The Hub.