How to Choose the Perfect Doors for your Kitchen

Changing cabinet doors in your kitchen completely transforms your space, but a lot of thought has to go into choosing the perfect doors. There are so many choices regarding how you want your kitchen to look, including the style and colour, and we know that it is essential that you are aware of all options to ensure that you will be pleased with the result and the choices that you have made. After all, we all want to make every room in our home a space we love.


The first step to choosing your perfect kitchen doors is understanding what aesthetic you want your kitchen to have. Whether you want a modern, shaker, traditional, cottage core or minimalist kitchen, there will be a perfect kitchen door for you.

Modern kitchens, as seen above, are all about achieving that sleek look, usually characterised by a monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, and minimalism, although there are endless possibilities for how you want your modern kitchen to look.

Shaker kitchens have a very simple and minimalist design, typically with flat centre panels, little to no ornamentation or decoration, and will usually be made of wood, although usually painted to give the room a pop of colour.

Traditional kitchens usually look luxurious and cosy. They are characterised by the use of natural materials, soft muted colours, basic colour palettes, and decorative details and embellishments such as raised panels, crown moulding, and marble or quartz-reminiscent countertops.

Cottage-core kitchens usually have a cosy feel to them. They are essentially a mix of country, traditional, and modern, with features of rustic scenes and natural materials. It’s the opposite of a minimalist design, embracing colour as well as antique/vintage pieces.

Minimalist kitchens are also typically monochromatic and, as the name implies, are very simplistic. They are all about doing more with less and are defined by their sleek lines, functional and integrated appliances, frameless cabinetry, and the occasional pop of colour.

These are just to name a few of the most popular aesthetics, and, of course, there are many more. So, you may prefer one not listed here, or maybe you will find yourself experimenting and creating an aesthetic personal to you.


Once you are set on what aesthetic you want in your kitchen, you can browse the styles of kitchen doors available, such as those shown above. Handleless and slab style doors usually give a sleek look, while shaker and woodgrain doors give your kitchen a cosier feel, and while some styles have names that are obvious to what aesthetic they belong to, such as shaker doors, the style could also happen to be the perfect fit for another aesthetic. It’s all down to what your preferences are. 


The colour that you choose for your kitchen is probably the most important step as it will be what sets the foundation of your kitchen. For example, if you choose a bold colour such as black, deep blue, or red, all the attention will go to the cabinets, whereas if you go for a more subtle option, the attention may come down to what you decide to decorate your space with. 

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