Assembling Clicbox kitchen units

How to Assemble Flat Pack Kitchen Units

There are many advantages of flat pack furniture, which make it a worthwhile option to consider. Having been available for some time, flat pack kitchens have become more advanced as the years have progressed, and they continue to be manufactured in ways that make assembling your flat pack kitchen units easier.

However, if you’ve not come across these units before, then it can be tricky to know how to assemble flat pack kitchens yourself. Our instructions will help you build your Clicbox kitchen units quickly, without assuming prior DIY skills.

What is Clicbox?

Clicbox is a new range of furniture products that uses innovative technology to simplify the assembling process for flat pack furniture. Its patented design, known as UNICLIC, allows you to assemble flat pack kitchen units and other forms of flat pack furniture by just clicking them together. You can assemble your kitchen units without tools, screws or even glue.

How do you assemble Clicbox units?

To assemble flat pack kitchen units, begin by placing the base of the unit, for example, the bottom of a kitchen cabinet, on the floor. Align one of the ends or sides of the units, so it neatly clicks into the kitchen furniture. Repeat the process for other pieces of the kitchen unit. The base of the kitchen units are pre-drilled, so once all sides of the cabinet – including the top and the base of the unit – have been clicked into place, you can attach the feet without using any tools.

Clicbox flat pack kitchen units include feet for the furniture, which are designed to fit neatly into the base of the unit via these pre-drilled holes, so you won’t need to use any screws to attach the legs of your kitchen furniture to the base of the units.

What are the benefits of Clicbox?

Clicbox is ideal for everyone, including people who have no prior knowledge of DIY and those who have tried to assemble flat pack furniture before but aren’t confident in their DIY skills. 

So, what are the benefits of Clicbox kitchen units and which unique features make Clicbox flat pack kitchen units so much easier to assemble than other kitchen units?

Simple and quick to assemble

As all of the components of Clicbox units are made to simply click together, their shape and design ensures that anyone can assemble their own flat pack kitchen. The unique UNICLIC technology owned by Clicbox will, therefore, save you time and money compared to standard kitchen installations, without compromising on the quality of your kitchen furniture. 

As the joints of each part interlock precisely across the full length of the kitchen units rather than just at key fixing points, Clicbox’s technology also offers a stronger connection than those provided by conventional assembly systems. This also means your flat pack kitchen will have a uniform appearance, without any visible signs of assembly points, as no holes need to be drilled into the units.  

Compact units

Fewer components and no tools means that the flat pack kitchen units take up less space and therefore do not require big vans to transport them from warehouses to your home. They can even be assembled on site in a fraction of the time it would take to assemble traditional kitchen units.

If you move house, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during this stressful time, as your flat pack kitchen can be easily disassembled and moved to your new home without taking up valuable space in your car or removal van.


From the adjustable shelves, which provide different height options, to the use of a drilling pattern that conforms with most door and drawer fittings, Clicbox flat pack kitchen units are carefully designed to be compatible with many kitchen set-ups. 

Whether you need new shelves, you’d like to add a kitchen larder to your existing kitchen or you require an entirely new kitchen, you’ll find the right Clicbox flat pack units for you on our website. Contact us today for further information about our product range or – alternatively – browse our full range of pre-assembled, rigid kitchen units.