How to Adjust Wardrobe Doors

When you have bought your dream replacement wardrobe doors and have fitted them to your wardrobe carcass, you may need to slightly adjust your doors so they can be perfectly aligned and look stunning in your refreshed bedroom. This guide aims to help you when it adjusting your wardrobe doors.

Adjusting Hinge

Tools You’ll Need

The only tool that you really need to adjust your wardrobe doors is a standard manual screwdriver. Do not use an electric screwdriver, as this could slip and damage your new doors. 

You could also use someone as a second pair of eyes to make sure that your doors are flush and symmetrical to each other.

What Each Screw Does

  • Front screw (furthest from the back of the wardrobe) – changes the gap between the two wardrobe doors
  • Middle screw (or the two which are above and below the back and front screw) – alters the height of the bedroom door (can move it up/down)
  • Back screw (closest to the back of the wardrobe) – changes how close the wardrobe door is to the carcass

Moving Your Doors From Side-to-Side

If you are moving the door closer to the cabinet then you should turn the front screw in a clockwise motion. However, if you are moving the door further away from the cabinet (as it may stick out from the wardrobe unit), then you need to turn the screw anticlockwise. However, you should be careful not to loosen the screw too much, as the door could fall off.

Moving Your Doors Up & Down

If your door is the wrong height and needs moving up or down from the wardrobe unit then you should start by loosening the top and bottom hinge. This is done by turning both of the middle screws in an anticlockwise position. By doing this, you can freely level the door and move the backplate to the preferred position.

You should remember that by loosening the two screws, the wardrobe door will drop, so you could use someone else to support the weight of the door whilst you make the necessary adjustments.

How to Level Wardrobe Doors if You Are Unable to With Hinges

Sometimes, you may not be able to change your wardrobe doors with the hinges (for example if the hinges are not adjustable or you cannot adjust anymore).

What you need

Furniture wedges/ alignment adjusters/ levellers (1mm-8mm)

Putting wedges under the back legs of the wardrobe units

First, you need to put the wedges underneath the wardrobe unit on the back legs. You should use the right-sized wedge which can be worked by the amount of adjustment you need to do.

If you need to increase the height of the left-hand door, then you need to put the wedge under the back right-hand leg

If you need to increase the height of the right-hand door, then you need to put the wedge under the back left-hand leg.

If you are interested in replacing your wardrobe doors, then we have a wide range of bedroom doors. Furthermore, all of our replacement wardrobe doors come with a 6-year warranty as standard. If you have any questions, please contact us and our expert team will be happy to help.