Handleless Kitchen Door Designs

Handleless kitchens create a minimalistic and clean space, with options in glossy, smooth and textured finishes. The handleless kitchen doors have a recessed rail or handle groove, which allows you to open the door without the need for handles. This guide looks at the different designs you can go for with a handleless kitchen.

Bella Elland Matt Indigo and Matt Dust Grey

High Gloss

Bella Venice High Gloss Handleless Kitchen in Cream

This handleless kitchen uses a cream gloss finish to create a chic look. The space feels bright and large, due to natural light being reflected from the cabinets and work surfaces. This complements the wooden floors well, as well as the Scandinavian design lights. Get the look of gloss handleless kitchens with our Bella range.

Concrete Finish

Bella Venice Handleless Doors in Concrete

Textured finishes, like the concrete shown above, create a modern and stylish look and add a bit of extra character to the room. Not only does it make the kitchen look sleek, but concrete also offers a robust finish and gives off a hard-wearing impression. Get the look by browsing our Bella Textured finish kitchen doors

Matt Finish

Bella Matt Black Segreto Kitchen

Matt finish kitchens look sleek and elegant, and can also create a luxe aesthetic. The seamless handleless units, paired with the dark and dramatic tones, are a match made in heaven to create a sleek and sophisticated kitchen. Also, as it is matched with the brushed nickel handles, the doors create a perfect contrast between light and dark for any kitchen. Shop our Matt Black Kitchen doors.

A Wooden Finish

Bella Matt Kombu Green & Halifax Natural Oak Segreto Kitchen

Finally, a wooden effect to your kitchen can create a light and rustic feel to your kitchen. As you can see the Bella Halifax Segreto Kitchen in oak (see above) has created a contrast with the darker matt green cabinets and complements the oak dining table. Furthermore, the Bella Oakgrain Cashmere Kitchen (see below) has maximised the natural light coming from the windows.

Bella Oakgrain Cashmere Knebworth Kitchen

Are You Interested in Handleless Kitchen Doors?

If you are interested in our replacement handleless kitchen doors, then be sure to check out our range. All of our kitchen doors come with up to a 6-year warranty and have fast delivery times. If you would like to know more about our handleless doors, then please get in touch today and one of our team will be happy to help.