How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wardrobe

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom and give it a bit of a face lift, you’ve just moved into a new house, or you’re redecorating your room all together, there’s a good chance you’re looking to buy a brand new wardrobe. Choosing a new wardrobe gives you a great opportunity to solve your bedroom storage problems. A sturdy, good quality bedroom door is a really important investment, as it is the second most important piece of furniture you’ll have in your bedroom (after the bed, obviously). You’ll need to choose a wardrobe that suits your style and requirements, including your bedroom design and the size of your room.

With so many versatile wardrobes available, there are plenty of design options to help you find the perfect wardrobe to suit your needs, while giving your bedroom a relaxed feel. This ranges from the style of wardrobe you choose, the design of the wardrobe doors and the handles you want to finish off your dream wardrobe But there are a few steps you’ll need to take before you get there. From the size of your room to your budget, read our guide on choosing the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom.

How to choose a wardrobe upgrade

Asking the right questions will help to ensure your new wardrobe is an upgrade from your old one. Think about any concerns you may have around utilising interior storage space, so you know what to look for when shopping for your new wardrobe.

Start by asking yourself:

  • Would I like a wardrobe with more shelf space?
  • Do I need additional hanging space?
  • Should I buy a taller wardrobe?
  • Would I benefit from having wardrobe drawers?

How big should a wardrobe be?

The size of your room will help to determine the size and style of the replacement wardrobe doors you choose. If you have a tiny bedroom (we’re talking cupboard under the stairs small), then you know better than most how precious bedroom floor space is. You won’t have room for a free standing, five door wardrobe, so think about how to maximise space by choosing a taller wardrobe that utilises vertical space instead. You’ll still need to ensure that your chosen wardrobe fits in the space you’ve allocated. Get your measuring tape out and take some measurements! Be sure to make a note of the ideal measurements for your wardrobe, including the minimum and maximum width, depth and height that your bedroom wardrobe can be.

Smaller bedroom tip: Consider sliding doors for your wardrobe, as they’ll take up much less space when you need to open the wardrobe doors.

Think about what you actually need to store

If you’re looking at purchasing a brand new wardrobe, think about what actually needs to go in there. Do you own any clothes that need to be hung up on clothing rails? What hinges and fittings do you need? Do you require shelving to put folded clothes on? Would you like drawers within your wardrobe? Do you need full length hanging space? If your needs are going to change over time, you should also think about adjustable shelving.

Choosing a fitted or freestanding wardrobe

There are two types of wardrobe to choose from – a fitted wardrobe that utilises all of the available space in your bedroom, or a freestanding wardrobe that can slot into the allocated space. We’ll go through the pros and cons of each:

Pros – Fitted wardrobe

  • Great way to utilise and make the most of awkward space
  • Can cater to specific needs
  • Designed to fit around awkward angles, uneven walls and sloped ceilings

Cons – Fitted wardrobe

  • Can be very expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Requires an expert to design and fit

Pros – Freestanding wardrobe

  • Offers versatility in cost and design
  • Can be dismantled and taken with you if you move house
  • Can be moved around

Cons – Freestanding wardrobe

  • Wasted space if there are awkward angles in the room
  • Wasted space if there aren’t sufficient rails and drawers.
  • Hazardous if not secured to a wall.

Choose the best wardrobe style

Now that you’ve measured up your space and decided on the type of wardrobe, it’s time to choose the style and colour. Wardrobes come in hundreds of different styles – the main ones are:

  • Shaker wardrobe doors – a wardrobe flat centre panel with generally square edges without any profiling.
  • Handleless wardrobes – a wardrobe without any handles
  • Sliding wardrobes – a wardrobe with a sliding door
  • Slab wardrobes – a wardrobe with a solid flat door with no panel or profiling

Once you’ve chosen the style, it’s time to decide on the colour. From a relaxed grey to a dark plum or fresh oak, wardrobes come in a plethora of colours and finishes. These finishes are:

You can also personalise your wardrobe by adding different wardrobe handles. Check out our range of cupboard door handles here.

Planning for your wardrobe delivery

You need to make sure you can get the wardrobe you want to order, through the doors of your house. Even when they’re in flat pack, wardrobes are often bulky, so make sure you measure doorways and any narrow landings or hallways. This will ensure that you can manoeuvre your wardrobe into your room. If access looks like it might be a problem, you should opt for flat pack.

If you’re looking to enhance your bedroom, why not contact one of our friendly team today and we’ll work with you to turn your dream home design into a reality.