DIY projects during Coronavirus lockdown

Cheap and Easy DIY Projects to Do

With the cost of living continuously rising and budgets being increasingly stretched, many homeowners are looking at ways they can improve the look and feel of their home whilst remaining to a strict budget. One of the ways they can do this is by doing some simple DIY projects around the home, to refresh their home without blowing their bank balances.

When it comes to DIY projects for the home, there are plenty of craft ideas for adults you can explore. Think about revamping your indoor and outdoor furniture, DIY wall art, pallet projects and quick fixes. All you’ll need to complete most DIY projects are some basic power tools, a set of screwdrivers, a hot glue gun, paint and, of course, lots of creativity. To help you with the last part, we’ve assembled a list of DIY home projects you can do. It is also remembering that at The Hub, we have several blog posts on weekend DIY projects which you can complete when you have a spare few days

1. Build a pallet sofa

Pallet furniture has risen in popularity in recent years, and we’ve seen it all – from outdoor pallet bars to eco-friendly pallet beds. But above all, pallet garden furniture has been the most popular project for DIY enthusiasts. A pallet sofa can be quite simple to build, and you can purchase used wood pallet packs for as cheap as £10. To assemble your pallet sofa, simply cut and attach the pallets to the desired height, secure the backs and throw some colourful cushions on top (which you can also make yourself!). 

2. Turn your chest of drawers into a planter

Bring some colour and life into your old chest of drawers by transforming it into a useful plant holder, for an easy DIY project to do with the kids. All you’ll need is some tester pots of paint, plants ready for repotting or some new seeds to plant, soil and plastic lining to put on the inside of the drawers. 

You can also do this with your own kitchen drawers if you were planning on swapping them with new kitchen units. Instead of throwing away the old drawer boxes, why not turn them into funky planter boxes?

3. Change the cabinet handles or the door knobs

You’ll be surprised to discover the difference new, stylish door knobs can make in upgrading your interior. This simple job will take less than an hour, a set of screwdrivers and your new handles. Add a vintage touch with a brass door knob, or elevate your modern kitchen with stainless steel handles

4. Decorate your walls with DIY wall art

This DIY home decor project involves pressed flowers and is an easy and cheap way to entertain the kids during an afternoon. First, you’ll need to collect flowers and plant leaves from your garden or buy some from the shop. Then spend an afternoon cutting them to the desired length and pressing them between the pages of heavy books. The plants will then take up to a month to fully dry but it will be fully worth it when completed. Revisit the task in a month, and spend another afternoon arranging the dried flowers and botanicals in empty picture frames.

5. Make a DIY Macrame plant hanger

If you are looking for easy crafts to do at home the Macrame plant hanger might present you with a bit of a challenge. However, these plant hangers are very fashionable right now and will add some rustic chic to your balcony or living room, plus the knotting technique can be super relaxing. This DIY decor idea can be quite cheap as well, with Macrame cords costing as little as £6 for 50 metres. You can find various step-by-step instructions and video tutorials online, and choose between levels of difficulty and intricate designs. 

6. Upgrade your bedroom

There is no reason to pretend that recently, we have all been spending much more time in our bedrooms, whether you are working from home, or binge-watch our favourite TV programmes. Inevitably, most of us have noticed that their bedroom can really do with a bit of upgrade and refreshing, and what a better way to do this, than turning the whole room into a DIY project. There are so many things you can do to add character – from sewing your own curtains to repainting the walls with tester pots of paint or replacing your worn-out wardrobe doors. You could even really push the boat out and buy some new furniture for your bedroom and upgrade some of those worn out units. Spend a day creating a plan, spread the budget and get to work. 

For professional advice on redecorating your home, or help with choosing the right bedroom and kitchen fixtures, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly and professional team at Kitchen Door Hub.