Common Problems & Mistakes When Replacing Kitchen Doors

As with any home improvement project, when replacing kitchen doors, a little experience goes a long way and it is all too easy to make mistakes the first time around. With thousands of projects under our belts, we want to share some of the common mistakes we see here and help you ensure your project goes to plan.

If you are unsure or have any questions about how to measure up, how to fit, or in relation to anything that you have read in this guide and to replacement kitchen doors, then our team will only be more than happy to help.

The Typical Mistakes When Replacing Kitchen Doors

1. Not double-checking all measurements

When you measure your kitchen doors, then it is critical that you double-check your measurements and ensure that they are accurate.
If you need support when it comes to measuring up doors, please check out our guide here.

2. Not measuring each door individually

There can be a good deal of variation in your units so ensure you measure each door individually and make a numbered plan that details specifically which door should go where.

3. Not ordering all the doors

When you are planning your dream kitchen with replacement kitchen doors, you should remember to write down exactly which door you need as well as the measurements of the door. This list can then act as a checklist when it comes to ordering.

4. Not replacing drawer boxes

Whilst most cabinets are pretty solid, drawer boxes can take quite some damage over the years. Replacing your drawer boxes can be another simple way to ensure you breathe new life into your kitchen and that the structural integrity of your draws matches the shiny new finish.

5. Not replacing the hinges

Hinges are another thing that can take some wear and tear, so it is important to order some new ones when you order your cabinet doors. The last thing you want is to find that your hinges are not able to function when it comes to attaching your new kitchen doors.

The Importance of a Plan

You may have noticed that there is a common thread here and that is that you need a plan. Professionals have plans. Doctors have treatment plans. Pilots have flight plans. For your project to go to plan you need a plan. That is what separates the experts from the have-a-go-heroes that get it all wrong.

The simplest way to plan this out is to read our kitchen measuring guide and then detail everything when you make a plan.  

If you follow this simple guide you will avoid the obvious pitfalls when replacing your kitchen doors. If you buy from Kitchen Door Hub, then you can get in touch with a member of our team at any stage of your kitchen renovation experience, and they will only be more than happy to help.