Choosing Colours For Your Kitchen

There are a variety of factors that go into picking the right colour for your newly designed kitchen, such as the size, existing furniture or the lighting situation. Below we will go over a few different recommendations based on what you may be working with and the different colour kitchen doors you should choose.

Small Kitchens

For a smaller kitchen, light is very important. Plenty of natural light and bright colour can make the room feel bigger than it is. This is why we generally recommend a lighter colour as a major part of the installation. This could mean you have white doors and a darker contrasting worktop or vice versa. A popular combination is light grey doors with dark grey, or white cabinet doors with dark grey. This ensures that there is plenty of bright space to reflect the light around the room and make it feel more open. If this isn’t to your taste, you can opt for darker colours such as the blues or woodgrain finishes, but we would recommend that the decoration in the room is in a lighter finish to avoid the feeling of a closed and claustrophobic space. If your aim is to achieve a traditional look, then a lighter wood worktop with porcelain doors is a very popular combo which evokes that feeling.

Larger Kitchens

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger, more open kitchen, you can be a lot more flexible with your colour choices. Dark colours can work well due to the larger area, as it is much less likely to make it feel cramped and dingy. Blues and greens are trending well at the moment and have been popular in both modern and traditional kitchens, with them suiting slab and shaker styles. These darker tones are especially trendy, so being able to use them without the risk of turning the kitchen into a black hole is great. Alternatively, colours such as white and lighter blues can be used to create an airy and spacious feeling room, which can really contribute to open plan designs. However, this can then risk looking like an operating theatre, so touches of darker colours should be integrated within the design, such as a darker worktop or dark handles and accessories.

While we can advise you on what we think is best, ultimately the choice is yours. We offer over 40 different finishes of kitchen doors for you to choose from and we’ve seen amazing kitchens made from them all. So why not try something different?

If you would like any advice and assistance planning your kitchen, our office team are always happy to help. You can contact us either via phone or email