Bedroom Doors Style Guide

Whether you’re replacing your wardrobe doors or planning a full bedroom renovation, we at Kitchen Door Hub are here to help. From handleless and shaker to slab and high gloss, we’ll be able to find the right style for your room.

Handleless Bedroom Doors

Handleless bedroom doors have a sleek and stylish design. With clean lines and no hardware, they create a modern, minimalist look. Instead of handles, handleless doors use a j-pull handle groove, integrated rail system, or push-to-open mechanisms. With no bulky hardware, handle-free doors create an open and spacious feel, making them ideal for small bedrooms.

Shaker Bedroom Doors

Shaker wardrobe doors take their name from the Shakers who originally crafted the style, and the style remains a popular choice today. Shaker style doors are characterised by a square frame with a recessed centre panel and a mid-rail to break up the length. Shaker doors have a timeless design that adds a classic feel to both modern and traditional style bedrooms.

Slab Bedroom Doors

Slab style bedroom doors have a flat, smooth, and modern design. With no decorative features, slab doors are sleek and minimal, which makes them a perfect choice for a contemporary space. You can choose to have slab doors as a push-to-open style or use an integrated rail system to achieve your handleless wardrobes or just add handles.

High Gloss Bedroom Doors

High gloss doors have a highly polished surface, which gives them a smooth and shiny finish. This glossy, mirror-like finish reflects light around the room which can make your bedroom feel bigger and more spacious. With clean lines and a gleaming finish, high gloss doors create a sleek and current look in any bedroom.

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From handleless and shaker to high gloss and slab doors, shop our range of quality and affordable bedroom doors to transform your space. For more advice, contact us today and our expert team can help choose the best style of the bedroom door for your home.