Fitting new kitchen units

How to Fit a New Kitchen

If you’re on a tight budget or have an exact vision for your kitchen, fitting your kitchen yourself might be a tempting option. Before ripping out your entire kitchen and getting stuck, here are our tips on how to fix

How to replace kitchen units

How to Replace Kitchen Units

Are you looking to replace your entire kitchen or simply want to replace your rigid kitchen units? It is possible and can be done quite easily with little trouble. With various options available and even the opportunity to experiment with

How to clean kitchen door handles

How to Clean Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Your kitchen goes through a lot! Food splatters and grubby fingerprints can make your kitchen cupboard doors look scruffy. Giving them a good clean will ensure everything stays fresh, keeping your kitchen looking newer for longer. If you feel like

Assembling Clicbox kitchen units

How to Assemble Flat Pack Kitchen Units

There are many advantages of flat pack furniture, which make it a worthwhile option to consider. Having been available for some time, flat pack kitchens have become more advanced as the years have progressed, and they continue to be manufactured

Repainting wardrobe doors

How to Repaint Wardrobe Doors

Repainting your ageing wardrobe doors can be an economical way to freshen up the style and colour of your bedroom interior, bring out your chosen colour scheme, and transform your bedroom to match the latest home decoration trends. While repainting

Kitchen new year's resolutions

New Year’s Kitchen Resolutions

January is a time to make New Year’s resolutions, not only for yourself but also your kitchen! You may be thinking that you didn’t stick to your resolutions last year, so why should you bother again this year? Well, people

Maximising space in a small bedroom

How to Maximise Space In Small Bedrooms

When it comes to maximising the space in your home, it’s important to make sure you are utilising every inch of available space. If you have a small bedroom it can often be hard to fit all your stuff comfortably,

Flat pack furniture advantages

The Advantages of Flat Pack Furniture

Whether you’re moving into a busy and bustling family home, enjoying entrepreneurial life in a big city apartment, or settling into your first marital home, deciding on how to decorate and personalise your living space is perhaps the most exciting