10 Moments of a DIY-er

1. When you’ve finally decided on your next project… and you’re about to get started:

Let's do this;

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2. When you spend the whole morning measuring (and remeasuring)… and it’s time to drill that first hole:

I'm ready

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3. When you realise you’ve drilled a hole in the wrong place…

Drilled a hole in the wrong place

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4. Or, your partner decides the shelving would actually look better on the other wall…

What is this, amateur hour?

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5. When you try and cover up your DIY mishaps:

You didn't see anything

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6. When you spend an hour looking for the multi-tool, only to remember you threw that away… along with the instruction manual:

Why? Why me?

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7. And then there are all those moments your body parts get in the way of your hammering, drilling or sanding:

Body parts in the way of hammering, drilling or sanding

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8. When you’re doing DIY with your partner and it turns into a competition… or an argument:

DIY with partner turns into competition

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9. When you start a DIY project with your dad… and he seems to be speaking another language:

what does this even mean?

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10. Oh but that feeling you get… when it just works:

That is how it is done

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